Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Cats

My sister's cat, Fluffy, contemplates her plans for cookie decorating.

Lion-o enjoying his holiday finery - received as a gift from one of CJ's coworkers.

Miss Kitty (her actual name) enjoying the tree at my mother-in-law's house.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Wisconsin Part the First

There were a lot of bird type things in Evermor apparently.
CJ and I recently went on vacation to exotic Wisconsin.  OK - that reads like sarcasm, but there is actually a ton of really weird stuff there.  We mostly just sat around and watched Regular Show and Adventure Time in between taking naps.  No - we aren't stoners.  We're just super mellow people.

When we did happen to gather up enough energy to actually do something  - it seemed that everything we did was the opening to an episode of Doctor Who.  Things seemed sort of normal, but just a little bit off.  Then things seemed to get weirder.  Before Daleks or Cybermen showed up we would always decide to go home.

So where exactly did we go?  The Circus World Museum, The Land of Evermor, and The House on the Rock.  All weird at the best of times - or so I have heard.  I can tell you they are super weird in their off seasons when you are there with just a tiny handful of people.

The following are all pictures from the Land of Evermor.  I'll try to post pics of the other places later.

Awesome Gargoyle-y statue.  I want one - or maybe an army of ten that can live in my back yard.
The Forevertron!  It's art AND a time travel device.
OK - another view of the Forevertron.

Yes - another picture of the Forevertron, because it is that cool.

Some sort of fearsome and frolicsome fish-type creature.

Yay! Forevertron!