Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Day!!!

I stayed up really late last night and read and reread candidates websites and Q&As on local news sites.   I made up a list of  who to vote for in every category - including judges and school board members!

So then CJ and I get to our polling site this morning and I realize that I left it at home.  Not such a problem for me because I spent all that time researching - but CJ was totally dependent on me to tell him how to vote.   Last night and this morning I did talk to him about the candidates and why I made each choice - but he would never remember their names.

So we headed the whole 3 or 4 blocks home and we grabbed my sheets I had written up.  There weren't really any lines at our polling site - so it wasn't really a big deal.  We just felt silly... but we voted!!!

Voting freaks me out every time.  I get so anxious that I didn't fill in my bubbles perfect enough or that I somehow accidentally voted for the wrong candidate.  This time around for the general election I got to add the fact that filling in all those little bubbles made my poor little arthritic hand hurt.  Now that I went and voted - I just want to go and sleep until the election is over.  It is just too stressful to watch election coverage and go through all those ups and downs.  I just want to know what the results are and whatever happens in between happens.

Awesome Claw Grabbing Game Toys

Here's one of the awesome bins...

...and here is the other one!

Monday, November 05, 2012

Who DOESN'T want a taxidermied koala face for a purse?


I know what I want for Christmas!  I didn't even know there were koala face purses out there in the world.  It's like the thing you never knew you always wanted.

Seriously, how weird is this?  It's creepy and odd enough that I do kind of want it.  It's obviously kind of  old - so buying it wouldn't encourage the senseless murder of koala's or anything.

Here's a fun fact: many koala's have chlamydia and you can catch it from them without being one of their many sexual partners.  True Story.