Wednesday, October 10, 2012


  So my wrists always hurt at night while I sleep, but a few nights ago it was a doozy.  I woke up and could barely move my hand - so I turned on the light and there seemed to be a bulge that moved in my wrist when I flexed my fingers.  It also had a sickening clicking sensation.  Being half asleep, the best thing to do seemed to be push on it and really flex those fingers.

   So I did that and felt a huge POP as something moved inside.  It felt less painful, but I got really really lightheaded and felt like I was going to pass out and/or throw up.   

   Exactly ONE of my friends who I told this to were suitably horrified.  Lots of "Oh, that would have been weird" and "Yeah, that doesn't sound fun".  Only one guy responded with an appropriate "Oh my God, I would have thrown up or passed out if I had even been in the same room as you."  Thank you, one normal human being I have for a friend! 

Feels fine now.  Well - arthritic and sore like usual.  My version of "fine".  I've been sleeping with wrist braces every night and that seems to be helping.  I have arthritis in both my hands and wrists, so any steps I can take toward preventing damage and injury seems like a good idea.  Also - I sleep like a crazy person.  I twist my hands up into crazy claws and then end up bending my wrists in horrible ways while I shove them under my head and pillow.  Really, I probably should have been wearing some sort of wrist support since I was a kid.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Encouraging Words

Emily: Good job getting gas there CJ - and not in the bean kind of way!  hahaha

CJ: Like Mr. Bean?  Would I get my foot caught in the hose and spray gas all over the place?

Emily: No - not Mister Bean - just like beans.  You know... pffftt (makes fart noise).

CJ:  Oh.

We are some classy people, as you can see.

A Discussion of Public Art in Northfield

This conversation happened in front of the library tonight after we ate a dinner of half-price appetizers at The Tavern.

Emily: I don't know how I feel about this.  Part of me likes the sidewalk poetry in town and part of me wants to punch it in the face.

CJ: That's not a good idea.  It's never a good idea when you get that urge - but hitting concrete is a more terrible idea than usual.  You have enough problems with your hands as it is.

Emily: Hmm... Good point.


 Why do they even sell cat beds anywhere?  You know what my cats favorite "beds" are?  Any folded blanket or towel, a strawberry box that we leave on the floor for them, and any piece of paper that fell on the floor.  As any cat owner knows - that piece of paper is only attractive if the rest of the floor is clean and devoid of clutter.  Because cats are weirdos.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Two Sleepy Dudes

Two of my favorite guys: Lion-o and my husband CJ.  This is a common sight in our house.

Monday, October 01, 2012

Anniversary Weekend

I woke up on Saturday morning and walked (closer to zombie shuffled actually) down the hall to the office where CJ was already awake and doing some kind of stuff (probably Facebook games).  I sat down and chatted for a little bit and then remembered, "Oh my God, it's September 29th".

"Happy Anniversary, CJ!!!"  This didn't get the response I expected.  Some sort of congratulations where in order from him too, right?

This was the response.  CJ turned, looked at me, and said, "Yeah, it will be.  Tomorrow.  Because our anniversary is on the 30th."

Crap.  I was so proud of myself for remembering too.  I always have to check with CJ on important dates like that.  I am obviously not one of those women who celebrates "anniversaries" like first date or first kiss.  I think those women might be a bit crazy.   Different crazy than me - apparently.