Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Short Post

Me: If we play the Leverage RPG then I want to serve something with capers.

CJ: Ok

Me: If we play Shadowrun -  then I'll have to make something with broken up computer parts and glitter.

CJ: Ok...?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Right Man

CJ once again proved to me that I married the right man. 

We went to a Pink concert last night. I've been having a rough time lately - so it was a great distraction.  We danced in our seats while singing every song - except "Trouble" which neither of us seems to know very well.   I was thinking about how much I love that my husband sang along with Pink at a concert and knew every word (almost).   We left our seats and were walking through the arena to get to an exit.  

Amid the throngs of people, I see a group of young women in skinny tight dresses laughing and giggling and being super hyper-girly. 

(sigh) I started grumbling in my head and feeling bad because I'm not...

My unhappy and self defeating thoughts were interrupted by this comment from my husband.

CJ:  "Do you think they do that as camouflage to hide from lions or something?"


They pretty much looked like this -but with more eyeliner.
He had a sort of puzzled look on his face - so I look over at the girls again.  They are all wearing black and white stripes, in a group, while moving in a noisy and chaotic mass.

Me:  "You mean they're like zebras?"

CJ:  "Yeah, that's what I was thinking."


Thursday, March 07, 2013

Tricksy Strikes Again

There are two things Tricksy hates - paper and birds.  She couldn't resist.

  Tricksy has an anxiety attack before dinner that generally starts an HOUR before dinner EVERY night. Usually she gets so crazy we can't stand her  and the new verb entry-wayed has come into play.  We try to catch her and then put her by herself in the entryway and she calms down a bit.*  You can also put her in a file box with a lid, but we don't often have an empty one just lying around.  We used to, but we've made great strides in our decluttering. Also - when she is really going nuts she can just push the top off the box, but I've yet to see her break down a door. 

 So yesterday I didn't catch her in time.

 I cut some birds out of a calendar the other day to decoupage my table later in the spring. The scissor work was all very precise and it was impressive.   I hadn't yet found a home for these birds though. Temporarily, a box with mail to go through was their habitat.   Tricksy found them and proceeded to chew and rip at the pieces of paper.

 This one was the worst - most of the others just had a few bite marks.  I hope they don't turn into paper vampire-werecat paper birds.  Even if they do, it's ok because I have them safely imprisoned in a nice flat box now.  Since they are only made from paper - that should be strong enough.  If not then I'll just spray them with water.  That messes up paper pretty quick.

*In case you think I am super mean to my cat - she isn't traumatized by her time outs.  She really does seem to relax with the lack of stimulus.  If she starts meowing sadly from the other side of the door then I go sit in and pet her.  The other solution would be a continuous rolling back of dinner time until you are feeding them in the middle of the afternoon.  Which leads to feeding them 3 - 4 times a day (which from my friends' stories includes middle-of-the-night or ass-crack-of-dawn feedings.  We aren't going down that road!