Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Right Man

CJ once again proved to me that I married the right man. 

We went to a Pink concert last night. I've been having a rough time lately - so it was a great distraction.  We danced in our seats while singing every song - except "Trouble" which neither of us seems to know very well.   I was thinking about how much I love that my husband sang along with Pink at a concert and knew every word (almost).   We left our seats and were walking through the arena to get to an exit.  

Amid the throngs of people, I see a group of young women in skinny tight dresses laughing and giggling and being super hyper-girly. 

(sigh) I started grumbling in my head and feeling bad because I'm not...

My unhappy and self defeating thoughts were interrupted by this comment from my husband.

CJ:  "Do you think they do that as camouflage to hide from lions or something?"


They pretty much looked like this -but with more eyeliner.
He had a sort of puzzled look on his face - so I look over at the girls again.  They are all wearing black and white stripes, in a group, while moving in a noisy and chaotic mass.

Me:  "You mean they're like zebras?"

CJ:  "Yeah, that's what I was thinking."


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